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Seiko Manufacturing, Brand Operations and Capital Operations

Seiko, brand, and capital operations can bring value amplification effects to the development of the group's business, promote the group's leap-forward development, and can give full play to the effective integration of industrial capital and financial capital to achieve the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, mainly through external investment and Carry out mergers and acquisitions to achieve rapid development of enterprises.

Industrial services

The industrial service industry is a strategic business of the textile industry and trade group to accelerate its development in the next five years. This sector is mainly focused on the group's main business of textiles and clothing. By integrating the group's resources, improving the efficiency of resource use, and gaining industrial chain competitive advantages, the focus is Build Guangzhou TIT International Textile City.

Modern trade

The modern trade business is a business segment built on the group's existing import and export trade through structural adjustments, transformation and upgrading. The development of this segment will follow the principle of effective scale orientation. While gaining the advantages of economies of scale, it will be adjusted through , Transform and upgrade, actively expand imports, strengthen the building of independent brands, build a network of domestic and foreign sales channels, and actively implement the "go global" strategy, gradually forming brand advantages and scale advantages.

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